Garage Floor Epoxy Benefits for Home & Business

new garage epoxy floor with quartz flake systemWhen it comes to epoxy garage floors, Metro Epoxy pros specialize in coating systems designed to meet your specific needs. Our team installs garage floor epoxy for both residential and commercial applications.

We’re not talking about do-it-yourself paint or epoxy kits here. These are industrial grade products that require specialized training and equipment along with the necessary skill to ensure professional results.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

We completed the garage epoxy floor paint system for Nashville client's garage & warehosueDurability: Besides enhancing the appearance of your garage or showroom floor, the thick, hardened epoxy coatings our specialists use creates a durable flooring surface. So durable in fact, that the garage floor becomes resilient to abrasion, impact, stains, chipping and chemicals. That means you won’t have to worry when a hammer or other tools fall on the floor or even when a bicycle tips over.

Seals Cracks & Crevices: And minor concrete cracks and flaws? Well, those just won’t matter since the thick epoxy coating covers and seals imperfections.

No More Garage Dust: Say goodbye to garage dust too. Epoxy coatings are anti-dusting so they keep the powder shed from cement away from collecting on cars, tools and other equipment you store in the garage.

Moisture Mitigation: Moisture resistance also offers another benefit particularly for those in snowy climates where road salt and icy brine can eat away at concrete flooring. With garage epoxy painted on, just a bit of soap and water is all it takes to wash away winter grime. During the dry season, any dirt or debris may be swept away with a soft broom or dust mop.

clean, non-skid surface using our garage floor epoxy coatingsNon-Slip Surface: many garage floors are slippery when wet; however, epoxy flooring offers the flexibility of adding slip-resistant aggregate to the final epoxy coat to create non-skid and non-slip surface for garages.

Attractive Flooring: epoxy floor coatings transform simple home garages into showrooms. The beauty of these floors is unmatched by boring concrete floors. For commercial garages and repair bays, these coatings beautify the shop areas and make them more appealing to customers and workers. Epoxies come in a variety of colors to choose from so that they may be customized to any home or business decor. Add in quartz or metallic flakes, and these floors shine with brilliance and reflective qualities that really add decorative style to garage floors.

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