Build a Strong Concrete Foundation with Epoxy Floor Coatings

garage & basement epoxy floorsAlthough concrete is a strong, porous material, water and other substances often penetrate the porous cement and cause surface damage, typically during periods of freezing cold temperature. Harsh chemicals also create damaging conditions hidden to the naked eye underneath the surface of concrete. Although cosmetic fixes may improve the look of the surface, moisture and chemicals compromise the concrete’s stability.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Offer Moisture Vapor Barrier Protection

Fortunately, epoxy coatings offer a solution to the dangers of harmful chemical substances present in concrete. Hiring professional epoxy installers ensures concrete flooring receives the proper coatings based on surface type. Acting as a sealant, epoxy floor coatings prevent the penetration of water and other harsh chemicals, which adds years to the life of driveways, patios, basement floors or commercial floorings.

Create Beautiful Floor Designs with Custom Coatings

In addition to durability, custom coatings offer aesthetically pleasing designs with the right mixture of shine or color. Our epoxy professionals assist customers with selecting from a palette of vibrant colors and pastel shades.

Another type of epoxy coating to consider is breathable and non-breathable sealants. Breathable sealant products work best on concrete slabs without any type of moisture vapor barrier. Without any moisture barriers, water does not evaporate and results in moisture build-up. These specialized sealant components protect the top surface and allow moisture to evaporate. Non-breathable sealants do the exact opposite. Moisture builds up and damage occurs to the concrete foundation over time.

Give Your Driveway or Patio an Epoxy Makeover

industrial epoxy coatings for non-slip and moisture resistant surfacesProperty owners may also choose different types of sealant finishes. A simple fix to protect the driveway is using a clear sealant with very little gloss on the surface. However, a sealant for the patio might require a glossy concrete coating. This offers a shiny finish and an aesthetically pleasing look during a summer cookout.

This type of coating for the patio works even better on stamped or stained concrete. High gloss sealants are perfect for this purpose. The array of colors available can easily turn a drab piece of concrete into a beautiful landscape.

Follow Sealant Application Guidelines for Best Results

When choosing the right sealant, it is important to follow instructions as many require perfect weather conditions for applying coatings to outdoor concrete surfaces. Your epoxy professional provides guidance in matching your needs to manufacturer guidelines. The contractor recommendations ensure a safe application and an effective result that does not require a do-over within six months.

Proper surface preparation is another must prior to applying the sealant. New concrete might require nearly one month of curing before application. In some cases, another application of sealant is required as part of periodic maintenance. This new layer helps to protect the floor from heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Selecting the right sealant for concrete surfaces makes all the difference in whether the floor remains long-lasting and beautiful or is short-lived with higher maintenance requirements.

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