Benefits of Residential Epoxy Floors

New home installation of popular metallic epoxy flooringEpoxy floor coatings are fast becoming a popular choice for homeowners. In fact, many people are choosing it instead of wood, tile, vinyl and carpet for single rooms, garages, basements and the entire house! One of the main reasons for this latest trend is that epoxy floors make life easier. With just basic sweeping and mopping, they can last more than 25 years!

Create a warm, welcoming environment at home with residential epoxy flooring. The glossy sheen offers an attractive, decorative profile while also providing additional features you’ll love – durability and easy cleaning.

Seamless floors with residential epoxy overlays keep dirt and bacteria from seeping into cracks and crevices often found with tile, concrete and hardwood. That’s a bonus when you have kids and pets playing and running over your flooring.

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Advantages of Installing Residential Epoxy Floors

Homeowner chose metallic epoxy coatings for home flooringCost – home owners will find that the pricing of epoxy flooring is in line with other floor alternatives, and depending on the size and floor type, can often be less expensive.

Color Choices – when it comes to matching home interiors, epoxy colors are unmatched. There are hundreds of choices and combinations that make for exciting and unique designs.

Versatility – epoxy coatings aren’t just for interiors. With the right product, you can use coatings and stains for exterior projects for patios, balconies, walkways, sunrooms and pool decking.

Quick turnaround – after the initial surface preparation, prepared floors take to clear coats and sealants quickly. That means many epoxy floor coating projects are complete within a few days.

Aesthetics – epoxy offers a luxury look at an affordable price point. Add to it that this floor covering won’t damage existing structure, and it works great in older homes where heavy stone, marble or slate may be impractical.

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Gray metallic epoxy floor coating for client's home basement & entertainment bar area


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