Advantages of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

epoxy floor coatings for industrial auto manufacturerChoosing the right flooring for your industrial facilities is vital. That’s where epoxy coatings excel. Epoxy flooring systems offer a number of advantages, they:

• Improve the look and value of your business property,
• Make it less dangerous for workers to operate in and
• Lower the cost of operations for tenants and management staff.

Our Metro Epoxy experts install premium quality industrial flooring that offers durability and saves you time and money. That’s because epoxy resin can be hard to work with, and if applied incorrectly, it can lead to bubbles, cracking and floor failure. Our professional specialists offer years of experience and skill to get the job done right.

For waterproof flooring built to last, call us at [phone] to plan your industrial flooring project from start to finish.

Uses for Industrial Epoxy Flooring

non-slip epoxy flooring installation for steel warehouseEpoxy floor coatings offer a broad range of uses. This long-lasting flooring material may be applied in distribution centers, warehouses, self-storage facilities, manufacturing plants and more. Most industrial facilities need the same things for their floors: durability, non-slip, low maintenance and bright shine.

Quick Turnaround Times
Because of the nature of coatings, there’s no cure time, which means that for repair and new installation, companies can be back in service right after project completion.

Enhanced Lighting
Epoxy floor systems also offer enhance lighting. With the high ceilings found in most warehouses, the distance between lighting and floor is significant. Our industrial flooring systems enhance illumination with increase light reflectivity. We’re experts at evaluating your situation to provide you the most advantages with your flooring plan.

Slip Resistance
Because slip and fall accidents are one of the most common workplace accidents, having the right flooring in place can make all the difference. Our texturized coating options exceed OSHA recommended guidelines, and even as flooring surface wears, the non-slip aggregate maintains slip resistance so important to protecting employees and visitors to your work facilities.

we repaired concrete cracks & sealed with epoxy coatingLow Maintenance
Another important aspect of industrial epoxy floors involves the maintenance requirements. The good news is that epoxy systems require very little maintenance. In fact, most of the labor involved only requires a stiff bristle broom, squeegee, warm water and a little cleaning solvent to keep it looking and performing at optimal levels. Because of its low abrasion qualities, your mops, floor pads and brushes will last longer too.


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