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Polished Concrete & Epoxy Floors Nashville

If you associate damage resistant or hygienic floors with boring gray surfaces, then you haven’t yet discovered the artistic beauty of epoxy floor coatings. Epoxies offer the latest in floor coating technology. Metro Epoxy can easily customize to suit a variety of design styles for residential and commercial applications.

Our epoxy coating systems combine a specialized mix of resin and hardeners. These materials react chemically to form tough flooring that resists degrading. It also easily bonds to substrate materials such as concrete and wood.

When used over concrete, epoxy coats the porous and rough cement surface to create a floor that withstands tough industrial settings. Besides holding up to heavy wear and tear, epoxy floors also create a slip-resistant surface ideal for commercial needs.

For a completely effective surface prep and installation, Metro Epoxy pros are your resource. Our quality coatings and long-lasting durability are unmatched by traditional floor paints and coverings. With affordable flooring solutions and premium quality epoxies, we're the best choice for every aspect of the process from design to final installation. Call us at (615) 447-8773 to schedule a free estimate or appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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metallic epoxy floors Nashville

Retail & Commercial Flooring

The variety of colors and patterns available make epoxy an ideal material for commercial and retail epoxy flooring. In places where there is heavy foot traffic like offices, shopping centers, and hotels, the use of epoxy provides wear resistance, as well as a safe surface for diverse customer needs such as those with disabilities, young children, and the elderly. With the addition of textures, these floors become slip-resistant and improve safety for customers and employees.

Commercial flooring also needs to offer not only durability but safety to prevent slip and fall injuries. With epoxy flooring, property owners free themselves from heavy maintenance or worrying about stains, scuffs, and scratches. An added bonus: they require very little maintenance and cleaning.


For industrial floors, most companies require surfaces that can handle heavy machinery, high foot traffic, chemical spills, and miscellaneous stains. That requirement makes the only options concrete or epoxy. Unfortunately, concrete’s characteristics, such as slippery surface, bland appearance, moisture retention, and high porosity, do not provide the necessary profile to hold up to the needs of today’s industrial flooring requirements.

Industrial epoxy floor coatings, on the other hand, are much softer and attractive with a floor profile that includes stain and slip resistance, moisture mitigating properties, and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Another benefit of epoxy for industry applications? Self-leveling epoxies create smooth surfaces, which make it easier for equipment that needs to sit level as well as moving forklifts and carts that need to avoid cracks or crevices.

industrial epoxy flooring for parking garage

Residential Floors

For homeowners, epoxy makes an ideal alternative to hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and tile. Besides adding to a home’s value, residential epoxy is suitable for luxury or modern-styled homes where glossy coatings add a sophisticated look to interior designs.

This flooring choice also meshes well with households in need of extra durability due to heavy traffic from kids and/or pets.

With so many colors to choose from, consumers may easily select the right tones to match any décor. Additionally, the moisture resistance of epoxy makes it suitable for exteriors such as balconies, patios, and swimming decks along with interior rooms such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

Garage Floor Epoxy

Due to moisture levels and substrate materials, garage flooring options are often limited. Although some owners choose to paint their garage floors, this medium typically doesn’t provide the necessary coating protection they need. Plus, painting garage floors is a task that you must repeat every year. As for tiling, it doesn’t offer any additional benefits either. When the foundation shifts, tiles may bubble or become damaged.

Epoxy garage floor paint differs greatly from regular paint and tile. To create a smooth surface that also resists moisture, epoxy fills gaps and bonds to the cement. Oil and fluid spills won’t stain epoxy floor paint, and a simple wipe cleans them up right away. Overall, the application of epoxy offers a professional finish and a more suitable option for home and business garages.

We installed new garage floor epoxy for residential garage

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